Junior Massive

Where Heroes Are Made

Football is all about having heroes. It’s about seeing those heroes perform on the pitch and deliver something magical every game. But so many of us look overseas for heroes when then they are being made right here in our back yard. Australia more than delivers its fair share of football heroes and the A-League and W-League consistently produces world class players - Sam Kerr is one of the biggest football stars in the world and nominated for FIFA player of the year, Riley McGree’s scorpion kick was in contention for goal of the year and many of the A-Leagues biggest stars like Arzani and Rogic are now playing in the world’s biggest leagues.

With the upcoming season, we wanted remind Australia that right here, every week, heroes are being made in the A-League and W-League. And that if you’re going to find the next Kerr, Rogic or Arzani, you don’t have to watch the Premier League or La Liga, you just have to head down to an A-League or W-league match.

‘Where heroes are made’ 90”